The Girls You Don’t Take Home Sneak Peek!

Alexander Atlas presents

It doesn’t matter what kind of environment you were raised in or the type of upbringing you had, sometimes a man is going to do what a man wants to do. Even if it’s spending time with women he knows he can’t take home to his mother. 

Like candy to a baby, there is something erotic, exotic, and thrilling about certain women—strippers, escorts, port stars and women of ill repute—that entice some men to throw caution and proceed.

In The Girls You Don’t Take Home to Mama, author Alexander Atlas offers you a chance to learn from the mistakes of his wild and misspent youth. In eye-popping detail, he shares stories of impossible relationships with the types of women he had been warned about. 

Full of wit, wisdom, and plenty of tales that would make your mother blush, this book offers all of the good advice your mother gave you with real life results. 

You might not want to listen to your mother, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn from someone else’s mistakes.

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Get a taste of the game now! The Girls You Don’t Take Home Preview

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