Why Wait

Why wait… might you ask? Here’s why, a real one is going to appreciate you for who you are, for what you stand for, and the way you conduct yourself. He’ll praise your ambition, appreciates your inner drive and adores your motivation. He’ll bring a lot to the table; offering the same as you if not more financially and emotionally. He’ll be a real breadwinner as well as a compassionate person. He won’t be hung up on your past relationship drama. Instead he’ll want to explore the world with you creating new pleasant memories and seeing what the future has to offer.

He’ll be passionate as well as patient. While understanding your trust and low self-esteem issues. You’ll continue to test him, making him jump through hoops and walk through fields of razor blades. Waiting for him to fail and show his true self, but deep down inside you’d rather see him pass with flying colors. Doubt will rise within you like the Arizona heat. But he’ll cool and smooth your uncertainty giving you the reassurance you need from a soulmate. Gentle he’ll be, concern he’ll show, affection and love he’ll shower you with; surprising you time and time again.

You’ll soak in his warmth, loving and becoming committed to him effortlessly. His compassion will make you feel pleasures you’ve never felt before; climaxing pass points you never knew existed. Warm bubble baths will be waiting for you after a long days work. Massages whenever you ask. He’ll adore you and you’ll cherish him just as much. Eventually, you’ll look up during a star-filled night and silently thank the powers above for sending you a real one.

If you haven’t found him yet, he will find you. Just don’t be too far gone in the company of “The Boys” or you’ll surely miss your opportunity for peace and happiness. Let a real one love you, be patient!  – ALEXANDER ATLAS-

Why Wait?-2

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