Published author, Motivational Speaker, and fitness guru proud to bring you his new masterpiece The Boys You Don’t Take Home: Game Secrets!


Alexander Atlas knows how the dating game works. He played it himself for years, until he realized that wasn’t the honorable and honest way to build relationships. After Atlas reformed his ways, he noticed women around him still falling for the same tricks he used to rely on. 

In this witty new dating guide, Atlas enlightens female readers of all ages about the many boys they shouldn’t take home. He offers the following information: 

  • Identify “Mr. Wrong”
  • Determine who is a good match for you
  • How to move on from heartache
  • Spot the telltale signs of cheating
  • Manage your expectations
  • Distinguish truths from lies
  • Deal with rejection
  • Use your relationship as inspiration for personal success
  • Recognize when your man is using you
  • Navigate a relationship with a single father
  • Understand the signs of emotional abuse 
  • And how to stop wasting your time on unworthy men. 

To illustrate which men you should stay away from, Atlas relates entertaining anecdotes from his own experiences. If you see the mama’s boy, the bad boy, the player, or the scrub, you shouldn’t walk away from him. Better yet you should run!